Why do I do what I do?

Hi, thanks for coming to my page.

My name is Arnas, I am 28 years old.

My life & bartending story in short: born and raised in Lithuania. First encounter with bartending happened when I was on summer job/vacation in Ireland back in middle school, at the age of fourteen. I spent a summer there, observing, mostly, given that I was underaged. However, I developed excellent English from an early age. Finished high school & went to undergrad in Copenhagen. Studied BA in Service Management, got myself a bartending job at the burger joint making coffees, milkshakes and occasional questionable quality Mojito's/Daiquiri's. Fell in love with the craft.

Parents weren't happy about it, however, I have opened the door to a start of a serious bartending career and became a recognisable face in Copenhagen's hospitality industry. Spent 6 years in Copenhagen altogether. Some of the achievements throughout, I am proud of, that I'd like to mention:

- a proud member of Dansk Bartender Laug

- co-owned cocktail catering business for three years with a yearly turnover of 5 mil. DKK with offices in Copenhagen & London. Catered for Danish Royal Family, Louis Vuitton, Zendesk, PWC, Delloitte, AirBnB and many others. ( www.getbartender.com )

- Past working experience worth mentioning: Nimb Hotel (https://www.nimb.dk/en), Bella Sky by AC Marriott, 1105 Cocktail Bar (very well known and old bar www.facebook.com/1105cocktailbar), Bar25. Opened and managed the bar at Skagen Fiskerestaurant in Illum Copenhagen. Ran Operations at Copenhagen Cocktail Academy. I am also a beverage consultant for HelloFresh in New York.

- 2016 Danish Championship of Mixology 6th place (150 ish contestants)

- 2017 Shweppes Lab 5th place. (https://bit.ly/2LgyUol) Judges did not like that I chose to be unique and made a non-alcohol based cocktail, given that the event was sponsored by Geranium Gin haha.

- Started kind of like a charity. We collected tons of beer, soda cans from events and gave huge bags of it to homeless so they can get some money depositing it.

These experiences taught me how to run a business and be an entrepreneur, working pretty much everyday, every hour. I am good with cost control, revenue forecasts and other accounting related details. I can pretty much make a shopping list for any number of cocktails and guests by the event duration in my sleep. I know how much each cocktail costs to make. I can of course make some mean cocktails and surprise a guest with what can be done behind the bar. We are artists, anyway...Previous and this year I travelled throughout Europe, spent two months in Valencia, as well as Granada. I was tasting tons of wine, learnt a lot. Even some Spanish. Then I moved to a little mountain village 100km from Rome - Alatri, in the Province of Frosinone. Had tasted a lot of wine there too. Now I am in Oslo, visiting my family and exploring the country. Since Covid is kind of done, I would love to get behind the stick and build my relationships in Norway. The best way I know how is bartending and making people happy by serving them my creations.